onunload and onload

The onunload functionality of the application is a database or table written to tape, the program in binary form to the disk page as a unit to remove the data, the data unloaded in this way the efficiency of higher than dbexport.
Read to use onload applications created by onunload tape. The machine receiving data and create a tape machine must have the same page size.
Only users with database DBA privileges to remove the database. Only the owner of the table or the table where the database user with DBA privileges can remove the table.
Remove the table, only the data and index pages associated with the table is removed. Defined for the table access permissions and synonyms related to the table or view is not unloaded onto the tape.
Remove the operation during onunload exclusive way to block new database or table.

onunload 应用程序的功能是将数据库或表写到磁带上,该程序以二进制形式,以磁盘页为单位卸下数据,这种方式卸下的数据其效率高于dbexport。

onunload [-l] [-t <tape device>;] [-b <block size>;] [-s <tape size>;] <database>; [: [<owner>;.] <table>;]
onload [-l] [-t <tape device>;] [-b <block size>;] [-s <tape size>;]
[-D <DBspace>;] <database>; [: [<owner>;.] <table>;]
[{-I <old index name>; <new index name>;}]
[{-Fd old-DBspace-name new-DBspace-name}]
[{-Fi index-name old-DBspace-name new-DBspace-name}]
[{-C <old constraint name>; <new constraint name>;}]

Example 1: hanner teacher in the database table from one dbspace moved to another dbspace

1> to uninstall unin teacher table offloaded to the disk, OnUnload requires data that pertains to the file exists, the first step is to create an empty file

# Touch teacher.onunload

If unloaded directly to tape, this step can be skipped

2> uninstall

# Onunload-t teacher.onunload hanner: teacher

3> SQL and dbaceess to remove the teacher table

# dbaccess hanner << EOF

> Drop table teacher


4> Teacher table reloaded into the new dbspace in

# Onload-t teacher.onunload-d dbs01 hanner: teacher