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This page contains a number of opinion pieces, information about specific topics or techniques that don't fit into the overall shape or structure of DNS for Rocket Scientists. If you find them useful we will both be very happy. If not, then only one of us will remain happy.

Beware Dark Zones Ahead Choosing a DNSSEC Solution. As the pace of DNSSEC implementation increases we are frequently asked about how to evaluate these DNSSEC solutions. This paper describes some objective criteria that may help. PDF version.
DNSSEC and SSL Once DNSSEC is in place all kind of interesting possibilities are opened up. This article discusses the relationalship between DNSSEC and SSL. Maybe - just maybe - you could save a pot-load of money using DNSSEC.
DLV = DNSSEC without the Wait? DLV, available in BIND since 9.3.0, may offer an alternative to waiting for ICANN and all the gTLD, ccTLD and sTLD operators to sign their zones.
Minimum TTLs It's an apparently simple question - what is the mimimum sensible TTL? And the answer - well it's not that simple!
Failover Strategies Is a short TTL or are multiple RRs the best failover strategy when using DNS? For browser based applications multiple RRs win - no contest.
TTLs - Revisited We recently had cause to reflect on TTL values after a major outage caused by an access problem.
The Case Against DNSSEC This article (published in circleid.com) itemises four major points are used against DNSSEC by naysayers together with the contra arguments from the point of view of a, perhaps relucant, DNSSEC believer.
Open DNS - Bad Idea Why an Open DNS is a bad idea and how to close it
DNSBL Services Description of DNS based Black List (and White list) services.
DNNSEC - A Commercial Opportunity? Is there money in DNS security? Some thoughts on turning DNNSSEC (and/or DLV) into a commercial opportunity.
The Death of Hope Why the top level domains, especially country domains, should be secured (signed) as a matter or priority.

Pro DNS and BIND by Ron Aitchison


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