Using the nsradmin command to enable or disable an Informix Storage Manager (ISM) storage device



This article explains how to enable or disable an Informix Storage Manager (ISM) storage device using the nsradmin command.
Resolving The Problem


Before the ISM server can use a storage device for backup or restore operations, it must be enabled. There may be times when a storage device becomes disabled due to an error; for example, an I/O error on a file system storage device. You can use the nsradmin -c command to either re-enable the storage device once the problem has been corrected, or disable the storage device to prevent it from being used.


You need to be root or be listed as an ISM administrator in the output from the command:

ism_show -admins

You cannot enable or disable a storage device that has an ISM storage volume mounted on it. To view the status of the devices, run the command:

ism_show -devices

If needed, unmount the storage volume using the command:

ism_op -unmount <device_name>


  1. Login as user root or one of the users listed as an ISM administrator.
  2. Run the command: nsradmin -c
  3. Choose the command Select.
  4. Under type, choose NSR device.
  5. Choose the command Next until you locate the storage device you want to enable or disable.
  6. Choose the command Edit, and then press RETURN.
  7. Under enabled, select Yes or No.
  8. Press ESC to leave the menu.
  9. Press RETURN to save changes.

The ism_show -devices command will show the new enabled/disabled status of the device.