vCenter Server 5.5 setup stuck installing Directory Services

If you ever land up in a situation where your vCenter Server setup is stuck at the directory services stage and in the “VMINST.LOG” found under %temp% u see it trying to perform the following..

  1. VMware VirtualCenter-build-1235232: 02/20/14 09:48:55 Attempting to launch [“C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe” /c start /w C:\Windows\system32\ocsetup.exe DirectoryServices-ADAM /passive /norestart]



Just go to anyone of your Windows 2008 R2 servers and copy the “ocsetup.exe” file from C:\Windows\System32 and place it on the vCenter Server under  the same location and try running the setup again and it should work!

在Windows Server 2012 R2上面安装VMware VCenter Server (产品版本5.5.0)会卡在安装目录服务的地方,无法继续安装。


找个Windows Server 2008 R2 的系统,将C:\Windows\System32\ocsetup.exe应用程序拷到Windows Server 2012 R2的C:\Windows\System32\目录下,然后再继续安装,就能成功安装。